Lighthouse & Maritime Museum

The Pensacola Lighthouse is an iconic landmark in Pensacola Bay, Florida. It was built in 1894 and is the third iteration of the famous Aurora Borealis. Today, it remains an essential aid for navigation. The museum features displays about its history and preservation. Besides a lighthouse, the museum also has a maritime museum and a beautiful aquarium. You can visit the lighthouse as well as the museum at 2081 Radford Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32508.  Next Post

The lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse in the Pensacola area. It was originally lit in 1824, but was not completed until 1857. While the tower was being built, a lightship called the Aurora Borealis was used to provide temporary illumination. Construction of the current, taller lighthouse began in 1858, and the lamps were lit on New Year's Day, 1859.

The lighthouse and museum are adjacent to the historic Fort Barrancas. This duplex was constructed in 1859, and the Pensacola Light Association occupies the west side of the structure. On the east side, exhibits include the Civil War and Naval Air Station Pensacola. Visitors can also see the original lantern deck of the Pensacola Lighthouse. The carriage house was turned into a visitor center in 2012. In 2012, the museum opened a shop. More

The 1858 lighthouse is a unique historical landmark. The museum is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting the region. The 177-step staircase leads to the top of the Pensacola Lighthouse, where the visitor can enjoy a panoramic view of the bay. During the winter, there is also a Christmas tree. The holiday season is the best time to visit the Pensacola Lighthouse.

The Pensacola Lighthouse & Coastal Museum is an impressive place to visit in Pensacola. It's a great way to see the history of the area and learn about the lighthouses. The museum has plenty of exhibits for visitors of all ages. A highlight of the museum is the replica of the original 1858 lighthouse. The site features an informative gift shop and many historical items.

The Pensacola Lighthouse & Coastal Museum is a must-see for any tourist visiting the area. The museum is located on an active military base and is closed to the public at 4 PM. It is open to the public from 9 AM to 5 PM, but you'll need to show your ID before entering the museum. And remember, you can't bring your bag inside the museum, and you'll have to show it to the security guards.

If you are visiting Pensacola Lighthouse, make sure to take time to explore the museum's history. The lighthouse was built in 1859, and is one of six classic brick lighthouses in the U.S. It is one of six remaining classic brick lighthouses and is still operational. The Richard C. Callaway Museum is located adjacent to the lighthouse, and features exhibits on the local history of the area.

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